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Growth cycle of hair follicles information.

Hair grows at a rate of 1 cm. per month and growing in a cycle consisting of three steps.
The follicles produce hair and replenish throughout the life of human beings . Time phases of hair growth is genetically determined.
At any stage of our lives , only 10 % of hair is in the resting phase . They are within 2-3 months and new hair grows in a total time of 2-6 years . Approximately 90 % of the growth of hair on the scalp at a time and growing at a rate of 1 cm. months .
Hair usually lasts two to four years for men and four to six years for women.

Hair Internal Structure : Deep Inside The hair follicle, hair form inside a hair bulb and protrube and push out .
Any method of hair improvements like shampoo, conditioning, cut , sun exposure does not affect the rate of hair GRWTH .

There are three phases of hair growth -
A. Anagen having a time of about 1000 days or 3 years.
Two . Catagen a period of 10 days.
Three . Tologen for almost 3 months .

Includes the start of anagen hair growth and eventually Tologen say trhe stage of hair loss . The hair bulb is coming outside from the beginning of the decay phase . Groth hair done by seasonal changes, ie hair grow faster in winter than in summer due to seasonal variation. In the catagen phase , hair growth stops for a while and no pigment is produced at that time.

The duration of the anagen phase and is generally fixed genetically determined and is also responsible for hair length . No . hair follicles on a human head has about 100,000. Each follicle produces hair for about 20 times in life. In a newborn baby , I grow hair follicles in unison , ie , all at once , but as time passes , the follicles produce hairs at different times.

If a hair is plucked from his head , the follicle does not break, but begins to produce a new hair. As age increases, the shedding of follicles is clearly seen in most of the people at the top of the head and also on the front. The hair does not grow linearly defined, but causes the follicle to stand at a constant angle . According to this view , the hair is always set to lie. The current is usually in a twisted way , but then influenced by the form of combing by people.

Finally , Hair grows at a slow pace , so great care is required to avoid pay .

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